Kitchen Appliances

Founded in 1683, Gaggenau is the leading brand for domestic appliances and has taken a pioneering role in innovation and design ‘Made in Germany’. Inspired by the requirements of leading professionals and top chefs, Gaggenau brings professional culinary technology to the domestic kitchen. Characterised by its modularity the Gaggenau range provides a bespoke solution for every kitchen need.

Beautifully designed ovens incorporating simple operation with professional results

Discreet and intuitive cooktops with effortlessly efficient ventilation solutions

Cooling ranges delivering exceptional performance and intelligent flexibility of storage

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Wolf Ranges

Combining outstanding build quality and professional performance, a Wolf range is a pleasure both to look at and to use.

The range is the natural heart of any kitchen, so style and performance are vital. Wolf doesn’t disappoint. A classic design with rugged looks, its robust controls and heavy-duty cast iron cooktop plates are testament to its outstanding build quality.

Wolf offers the flexibility to meet all your cooking needs. Perfected by more than seven decades in the crucible of professional kitchens, our ranges set the standard by which others are measured.

At Wolf, one size doesn’t fit all. You can choose from three different sizes 914 1219 and 1524mm – and we’ll suit your cooking needs. Choose your preferred combination of burners, a griddle, our infrared charboiler, or the remarkable French Top, which provides a range of heat depending on where you put the pan.

Wolf dual fuel ranges deliver the best of both worlds. Above, the fine control of dual-stacked sealed burners, with special options such as a French Top, charboiler or griddle, all designed to provide perfect cooking. Below, the self-cleaning, dual-convection electric oven with its two fans, four heating elements and ten cooking modes. Big enough to hold a 30kg roast, it has an ergonomic panel that allows cooks to check the oven’s status without bending down. There are nine top configurations available in widths 914, 1219 and 1524mm. Dual fuel, one goal: perfect results every time.

Bora Kitchen Appliances

Bora Principle

Or – physics can be so elegant.

We nip cooking vapours and odours in the bud by drawing them off where they arise: directly at the cooktop, from the saucepan, roaster, frying pan or grill. And we do this not by magic, but by applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics. We simply use a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapour.

The concept

A revolution for every kitchen

Starting from the potent combination of a powerful induction cooktop and an effective cooktop extractor, we created BORA Basic, an attractive unit with an unusual design. This innovation is the first of its kind in the world; with its attractive price-performance ratio, it is heralding the end of the extractor hood at last. BORA Basic gives everyone the chance to enjoy the advantages of BORA – successfully taking their first steps toward a high-end kitchen. The easy-to-operate power electronics, which were specifically developed by BORA, are also a testament to the exceptional value of the compact unit. Good to know: BORA Basic can be installed and ready to use in any kitchen in a matter of minutes.

The concept

Redefining ergonomics and efficiency

Anyone with clear notions of quality, design and technology will fulfil their personal cooking fantasies and achieve their dream kitchen with the BORA Classic product range. Whether surface-mounted or installed flush, the aesthetically appealing design of the individual modules will fit in to any kitchen. Equipped with smart touch control, BORA Classic accentuates the modern kitchen and stands out from the crowd.

The Concept

Functionality meets design

When the need for functionality meets a strong appetite for design, the ambitious cook chooses BORA Professional. The BORA Professional cooktop extractor system boasts: our largest selection of the most powerful cooktops – extra-deep at 54 cm, the cooktop extractor, rotary knobs made of solid stainless steel, and a variety of options that gives you extraordinary design freedom.